Cloning and sequencing of the gene encoding structural protein of canine parvovirus isolated in Korea

국내에서 분리된 canine parvovirus의 구조유전자 cloning과 염기서열 분석

  • Received : 1992.07.08
  • Published : 1992.12.30


In this study gene encoding structural proteins of a CPV isolate was cloned and sequenced to elucidate the molecular genetical properties of the canine parvoviruses isolated from the field. Six recombinant plasmids of pEP3, p1471, p2070, pEP069, pEP338 and p14711p were constructed from the map positions 22 to 98 of RF DNA to clone the VP1 and VP2 genes of CPV-V20. Sequentialy the gene comprising 3780 nucleotides were sequenced by dideoxy chain termination method. When nucleotide sequence of gene encoding the structural proteins of CPV-V20 was compared with those of other strains, CPV-N, CPV-d and CPV-780929 published previously, DNA, homologies to CPV-V20 were 99.87% with CPV-N, 99.73% with CPV-d, 96.85% with CPV-780929 and 98.4% with FPLV-Carl, respectively. The DNA sequence data of CPV-V20 showed seven point mutations and also deletion of 135 nucleotides from the nucleotide position 4745 to 4879 located in the 3'-noncoding region of CPV-N.