Survey and case study of dermatophytosis of dog and cat occuring in Seoul area

서울지역(地域)에서 발생(發生)한 개와 고양이 피부진균증(皮膚眞菌症)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Schech, Joseph M. (Yongsan Veterinary Clinic) ;
  • Huh, Joon-hoe (College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University) ;
  • Lee, Byeong-chun (College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University)
  • Received : 1992.11.25
  • Published : 1992.12.30


DTM cultures were taken on 66 animals that presented with clinical signs of dermatophytosis or that had a positive Wood's lamp test. Of these cultures, 24 were Microsporum canis. Fifteen of the M canis cases were detectable by Wood's lamp. A dosage of 12.5mg/kg BID of ultramicrosize griseofulvin was effective in eliminating clinical signs in nearly all cases. This BID dosage was more effective than the same dose given once daily.