Information Activities of European Communities : Mechanism in the Implementation of the Information Policies.

EC 정보활동의 구조 : 정보정책수행의 매카니즘

  • Koo Jayoung (Dept. of Library Science Ewha Womans University)
  • Published : 1992.11.01


The present study aims at a systematic access to EC information. EC information is the outcome of the complex organizations, the continuous changes in functions and the subsequent changes in policies. An attempt for an effective approach to the information requires the examination of the organizational structures and changes, the processes involved in formulating and implmenting the information policies, and the infrastucture for information. Information activities of the major organizations of EC have been examined with a special reference to the Commission of European Communities. The Commission is the EC institution from which the majority of the EC's documentation originates. The information functions of the Commission have been studied in such categories as information production and distribution, authorizing services, and information services to the public.