Design of Thick Laminated Composite Plates for Maximum Thermal Buckling Load

최대 열적 좌굴하중을 갖는 두꺼운 복합재료 적층판의 설계

  • Published : 1993.07.31


In this paper, the design of thick laminated composite plate subjected to thermal buckling load under uniform temperature distribution is presented. In the design procedures of composite laminated plates for maximum thermal buckling load. the finite element method based on shear deformed theory is used for the analysis or laminated plates. One-demensional search method is used to find optimal fiber orientation and, in the next step, optimal thickness is investigated. Design variables such as fiber orientation and ply thicknesses coefficient of plates are adopted. The optimal design for the symmetric or antisymmetric laminated plates consisted of 4 layers with maximum thermal buckling load is performed.