A Study of Relation on the Trends of Juvenile Delinquency and Abnormal Family

소년비행의 동향과 가족병리와의 관계연구

  • 정기숙 (숭의여자전문대학 유아교육과)
  • Published : 1993.09.01


In recent years, behavioral disorders of young people and juvenile delinquency tend to increase remarkably in number, and closed up highly as a social and educational problems in Korea. It goes without saying that parents generally play important roles in children's development of personality, and the home is mostly responsible for juvenile delinquency. Therefore, first this paper describes a relation between broken family and juvenile delinquents. Burt, Shideler, Neumayer, and Glueck maintain that broken family is a cause of delinquency, on the other hand, Healy and Sutherland assume a critical attitude toward their contentions. Second, Breckinridge, Merril, and Glueck maintain that poor family is as cause of delinquency, while Sullenger, Neumayer, and Dirksen make a considerable point which poverty has no direct connection with delinquency. Third, abnormal family relationships namely, discord family, abnormal parent-child relationship, and immoral family exert a bad influence upon formation of personality, esepecialy during the period of preschool childhood. These results give some empirical support to the theory that children's conduct disorders and juvenile delinquency are caused by defective family relationships. It is necessary that a community has a supporting structure of children's wholesome development and the prevention of juvenile delinquency.