• Published : 1993.02.01


In this paper we will extend some notions of bounded linear operators to some unbounded linear operators. Let H be a complex separable Hilbert space and let B(H) denote the algebra of bounded linear operators. A closed densely defind linear operator S in H, with domain domS, is called subnormal if there is a Hilbert space K containing H and a normal operator N in K(i.e., $N^{*}$N=N $N^*/)such that domS .subeq. domN and Sf=Nf for f .mem. domS. we will show that the Radjavi and Rosenthal theorem holds for some unbounded subnormal operators; if $S_{1}$ and $S_{2}$ are unbounded subnormal operators on H with dom $S_{1}$= dom $S^{*}$$_{1}$ and dom $S_{2}$=dom $S^{*}$$_{2}$ and A .mem. B(H) is injective, has dense range and $S_{1}$A .coneq. A $S^{*}$$_{2}$, then $S_{1}$ and $S_{2}$ are normal and $S_{1}$.iden. $S^{*}$$_{2}$.2}$.X>.