• Published : 1993.02.01


In this paper, we introduce a concept of quasi $O_{z}$ -spaces which generalizes that of $O_{z}$ -spaces. Indeed, a completely regular space X is a quasi $O_{z}$ -space if for any regular closed set A in X, there is a zero-set Z in X with A = c $l_{x}$ (in $t_{x}$ (Z)). We then show that X is a quasi $O_{z}$ -space iff every open subset of X is $Z^{#}$-embedded and that X is a quasi $O_{z}$ -spaces are left fitting with respect to covering maps. Observing that a quasi $O_{z}$ -space is an extremally disconnected iff it is a cloz-space, the minimal extremally disconnected cover, basically disconnected cover, quasi F-cover, and cloz-cover of a quasi $O_{z}$ -space X are all equivalent. Finally it is shown that a compactification Y of a quasi $O_{z}$ -space X is again a quasi $O_{z}$ -space iff X is $Z^{#}$-embedded in Y. For the terminology, we refer to [6].[6].