An Experimental Study on Sound Radiation Characteristics of Radial Tire for a Passenger Car Due to Excitation

가진에 의한 승용차 타이어의 음향방사특성에 관한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 1993.10.01


Vibration characteristics of a tire play an important role to judge a ride conformability and sound quality for a passenger car. In this study, the experimental investigation for the sound radiation of a radial tire has been examined. Based on the sound intensity techniques, the sound pressure field and the sound radiation are measured. It turns out that air pressure in tire, tread patterns, and aspect ratio of the tire govern the sound radiation characteristics. Then a numerical analysis for the tire element is conducted. During analysis, the tire element is modelled as an elastic ring. The comparison shows that the numerical output correlates to the experimental data.