Shape Design Sensitivity Analysis of Axisymmetric Thermal Conducting Solids Using Boundary Integral Equations

경계적분방정식을 이용한 축대칭 열전도 고체의 형상설계민감도 해석

  • 이부윤 (한국중공업(주) 기술연구소)
  • Published : 1993.01.01


A generalized method is presented for shape design sensitivity analysis of axisymmetric thermal conducting solids. The shape sensitivity formula of a general performance functional arising in shape optimal design problem is derived using the material derivative concept and the adjoint variable method. The method for deriving the formula is based on standard axisymmetric boundary integral equation formulation. It is then applied to obtain the sensitivity formulas for temperature and heat flux constraints imposed over a small segment of the boundary. To show the accuracy of the sensitivity analysis, numerical implementations are done for three examples. Sensitivities calculated by the presented method are compared with analytic sensitivities for two examples with analytic solutions, and compared with sensitivies by finite difference for a cooling fin example.