GC/MS and its applications for the analysis of cosmetic produtcts

GC/MS와 화장품 분석의 응용

  • Published : 1993.03.01


Gas chromatography serves to separate the mixtures into its components, and mass spectrometer is used to analyzing of unknown compounds. But there are many problems the identification of horn compounds using by GC only. As this reason GC/MS a very powerful analyzing technique. Mass spectrometer consists of 1) inlet stem 2) ion source 3) Bass filter 4) detectors and 5) data system. There are two analyzing modes in the GC/MS, those are scan and SIM(selected ion mom toping) modes. Scan mode is used when analyzing unknown compounds and SIM mode al lows the mass spectrometer to detect specific compound with very high sensitivity. As GC/MS applications for the analysis of cosmetic products, volatile compounds in lotion, earn foundation and hair color, and carbon distribution of fatty acids in soap were performed. Also as a new sample pre-treatment technique, head space sampler/GC/MS introduced in order to analyze the volatile compounds in a toothpaste.