The Effect of the Structure of the Carbon Fibers on the Structure of the Fiber Intercalated Compounds

탄소섬유의 구조가 섬유층간화합물의 구조에 미치는 영향

  • 김인기 (한양대학교 무기재료공학과) ;
  • 최상흘 (한양대학교 무기재료공학과) ;
  • 고영신 (서울교육대학교 부설 탄소화학연구소)
  • Published : 1993.09.01


Sulphuric acid was intercalated in mesophase pitch based graphite fiber (Thornel P100 of Amoco), PAN based graphite fiber (M40 of Thoray) and PAN based carbon fiber (T300 ofThoray, TZ307 of Taekwang in Korea) by 0.4wt% CrO3/H2SO4 solution. The degree of crystallization of fibers increased P100, M40, TZ307, T300 fiber in order and their d002 values were 3.384, 3.424, 3.470, 3.493$\AA$, respectively. After intercalation P100 fiber formed 1 stage compound whose d002 value was 3.994$\AA$(d001=7.988$\AA$). Other fibers showed (002) reflection belonging to their 1 stage comound and prinstine fiber.



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