Studies on the Chemical Components and Biological Activities of Edible Plants in Korea (II) - Isolation and Quantitative Analysis of Flavonoids from the Leaves of Cedrela sinensis A. Juss. by HPLC -

한국산 식용식물의 화학성분 및 생리활성에 관한 연구 (II) - HPLC에 의한 참죽나무 잎중 Flavonoid 성분의 확인 및 정량 -

  • Published : 1993.10.01


Five flavonoids isolated from the ethyl acetate fraction of Cedrela sinensis A. Juss. were identified by high performance liquid chromatography. Separation was achieved by reversed phase chromatography on ${\mu}-bondapak$ C18 column with isocratic elution method. The content of the major flavonoid, quercitrin was about 9.48%(w/w) and 37.06%(w/w) for the methanol extract and ethyl acetate fraction, respectively.


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