Metal Complexes of Sulfur-Containing Ligands (II). Synthesis and Properties of Platinum(II) Complexes of Dithiocarbamates

황함유 리간드의 금속착물(II). 디티오카바메이트류의 백금(II) 착물의 합성과 성질

  • Chan-Woo Kim (Department of Chemical Education, Taegu University) ;
  • Chang-Su Kim (Department of Chemical Education, Taegu University)
  • 김찬우 (大邱大學校 師範大學 化學敎育科) ;
  • 김창수 (大邱大學校 師範大學 化學敎育科)
  • Published : 1993.08.20


Reactions of [PtCl$_4$]$^{2-}$ with excess of dithiocarbamates in water lead to facile replacement of the chloro ligand by dithiocarbamato ligand to give [Pt(A)], [Pt(B)$_2$]Cl$_2$, [Pt(C)$_2$], and [Pt(D)(CH$_2$=CH$_2$)Cl]Cl. The complexes of platinum have been characterized by elemental analyses, infrared and UV-visible spectra, and conductivity measurements. Platinum(II)-dithiocarbamate complexes were soluble in polar solvents such as water, alcohol, acetone, dimethylformamide, and dimethylsulfoxide etc. The possible structure was proposed on the basis of elemental analyses and physical properties.



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