Determination of $Mg^{2+}$ using 5-membered Heterocyclic Compound

5원자 헤테로고리 화합물을 이용한 $Mg^{2+}$의 정량

  • Received : 1993.06.28
  • Published : 1993.08.25


Ionophore, which contains 5-membered heterocyclic compound, was prepared. $Mg^{2+}$ was determined by salting-out technique using ionophore as a chelating reagent. After $Mg^{2+}$ was extracted into the acetonitrile layer as a Mg-$(Ionophore)_2$ complex from acetate buffered aqueous solution by salting-out extraction technique, absorbance of complex was recorded by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Optimum pH was between 2.5 and 5.0 for extraction and 1:2([$Mg^{2+}$]/[ionophore]) complex were formed. The range of detection was 0.24ppm~2.4ppm and $Ca^{2+}$ and EDTA were interfered in the determination of $Mg^{2+}$.


Ionophore(N, N'-dihexyl- N, N' - dimethyl-1, 4-butadion-diamide);Atomic absorption spectrometric determination of $Mg^{2+}$;Salting-out extraction technique


Supported by : 학술진흥재단, 교육부