Latex 응집반응에 의한 경남중부지역 돼지의 톡소플라즈마병 항체조사

Prevalence of toxoplasma antibody in swine by microplate latex agglutination test in Kyeongnam district

  • 이병훈 (경상남도 가축위생시험소 중부지소) ;
  • 김차용 (경상남도 가축위생시험소 중부지소) ;
  • 서명득 (경상대학교 수의과대학)
  • Lee, Byung-hoon (Central branch of Kyeongnam Veterinary Service Laboratory) ;
  • Kim, Cha-yong (Central branch of Kyeongnam Veterinary Service Laboratory) ;
  • Suh, Myung-deuk (College of Veterinary Medicine, Gyeongsang National University)
  • 투고 : 1993.02.06
  • 발행 : 1993.04.30


This study was conducted to detect the serum antibody of toxoplasma in swine from breeding-pig, rearing-pig farm and slaughtered pig in abattior by latex agglutination(LA) test. The perfomance of LA test was carried out with commercial Toxo-MT kit(Eiken Chemical Co.)by Tsubota and Ozawa's method. The cut-off titer of positive and negative reactions by Toxo-MT antigen used in this experiment was determined as the serum titer of 1 : 32. Positive rate of toxoplasma antibody from the total of 823 serum samples by LA test was 17.0%(140 cases). And positive rates of toxoplasma antibody against serum samples of 194 from breeding-pig farm, 273 from rearing-pig farm and 356 from abattior were 91 cases(46. 9%), 23 cases(8.4%) and 26 cases(7.3%), respectively. The distributions of serum antibody titers in 823 test sera by LA test were shown 51 cases(36.3%) in 1:32, 40(28.6%) in 1:64, 17(12.1%) in 1:128, 14(10.0%) in 1:256, 3(2.1%) in 1:512, 5(3.6%) in 1:1024 and 3(2.1%) in 1:2048. The ranges of positive rate from the sera in each group of breeding-pig farms were 20~61.9%.