Permeability and Mechanical Properties of Zein and Gluten-Based Films

Zein과 Gluten 포장지의 수증기투과도와 기계적 특성

  • Published : 1994.04.01


Permeability and mechanical properties of degradable films prepared with zein and gluten were measured. Tensile strength of zein-based films was ranged from 30.1 MPa to 138.5 MPa and the strength of gluten-based films was $37.1{\sim}98.6\;MPa$. This strength was increased with increase of thickness in both films. Water solubility of zein-based films, 1.3%, was lower than those of the gluten-based films and the cellulose-based films. The range of water vapor permeability was $0.0711{\sim}0.1778\;g\;mm/m^{2}\;hr\;mmHg$ for zein-based films and $0.2134{\sim}0.2972\;g\;mm/m^{2}\;hr\;mmHg$ for gluten-based films. The permeabilty of the films was also increased with thickness.