The Physicochemical Properties of Starch from Inside White Fresh Ginseng

내백 수삼 전분의 특성

  • Published : 1994.12.01


Among many kinds of constituents of ginseng root, starch was the most noticeable component related to inside white in fresh ginseng. The ash of inside white section was higher in content and greenish gray in color. The water binding capacity and ash content of the starch from inside white fresh ginseng were higher than those of starch from normal fresh ginseng, but amylase content was not significantly different. Ash of inside white fresh ginseng starch contained higher in Ca, Mn and Fe content. Complexes of small granular starch and amino acids were rich in swelling power, and solubility by temperature change were similar between inside white fresh ginseng starch and normal one, but the former was more easily swelled than the latter.