Study on the Eruption Age of the First Molar

제1대구치의 맹출 연령에 관한 분석 연구

  • Hong-Chan Rah (Dept. of Oral Medicine and Oral Diagnosis, Yonsei University) ;
  • Chong-Youl Kim (Dept. of Oral Medicine and Oral Diagnosis, Yonsei University)
  • Published : 1994.06.01


This study was undertaken to obtain the data age determination following the eruption of individual cusps of the first molars in the point of forensic odontology. 532 children (294 male and 238 female, born between April, 1989 and March, 1986) from a kindergarten and a primary school in a reesidential district in Seoul were studied. The eruption state of the first molar was divides into 6 stages according to the degree of exposure of individual cusps, and correlation between the stage and age was stastically analysed. The results of the study lead to following conclusions : 1. The most frequently seen eruption sequence of cusps for the upper first molar was mesibuccal cusp, mesiopalatal cusp, distobuccal cusp, mesiodistal cusp, distopalatal cusp. As for the lower first molar : mesiobuccal cusp, mcsiolingual cusp, distobuccal cusp, distolingual cusp. 2. The time of eruption was earlier in the female ethan in the male, but it was stastically remarkable only in upper and lower parts of the right and the left teeth of subjects age between 6.0 and 6.5 and upper part of the right and the left teeth of subjects age over 7.5 3. The eruption of the lower first molar was comparatively earlier than that of the upper first molar and there was no significant stastical difference between the right and the left first molars in the time of eruption. 4. There was no noticeable difference in the eruption sequence of cusps, irrespective of sex and side. 5. The eruption of the upper first molar is started at the age of about 6.4 and complete the age of about 7.1 and as for the lower first molar, it is from 6.3 to 7.0