• Kim, Sung-Sook
  • Published : 1994.10.01


Let G be a cyclic group of order 2 and let $S^1$ denote the unit circle in $R^2$ with the standard metric. We consider smooth G-vector bundles over $S^1$ when G acts on $S^1$ by reflection. Then the fixed point set of G on $S^1$ is two points ${z_0, z_1}$. Let $E$\mid$_{z_0} and E$\mid$_{z_1}$ be the fiber G-representation spaces at $z_0$ and $z_1$ respectively. We associate an orthogonal G-representation $\rho_i : G \to O(n)$ to $E$\mid$_{z_i}, i = 0, 1$. Let det $p\rho_i(g), g \neq 1$, be denoted by det $E$\mid$_{z_i}$ since det $\rho_i(g)$ is independent of choice of $\rho_i$.