The Effect of Compression Molding with Inclined Force for Fiber - Reinforced Thermoplastics

섬유강화 플라스틱 복합판의 압축성형에 있어서 경사하중의 영향 (AL망의 적층소재의 유동에 의하여)

  • Published : 1994.08.01


A main property for fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material in compression molding is the flow of fibers. This flow is so effective a long direction of acting force that this study examined for the inclined angel of 30$^{\circ}$, 45$^{\circ}$ and 6$^{\circ}$. Below the near softing temperature of plastic, the fiber has been fractured at a point so that the fiber strength is smaller then the local hydrostatic stress in the mold. It has been found that the position of fracture is changing accrding to the incling angle. In case of the above softing temperature, the larger the inclined is, the farther the flow of fiber move. Also the plastic flow has been progresed with the cicular are type.