PZT-PYW 세라믹스의 조성변화가 경도 및 인성에 미치는 영향

Effect of Composition on the Hardness and Toughness in PZT-PYW Ceramics

  • 류소연 (고려대학교 재료공학과) ;
  • 임대순 (고려대학교 재료공학과) ;
  • 윤석진 (한국과학기술연구원 세라믹스부) ;
  • 김현재 (한국과학기술연구원 세라믹스부)
  • 발행 : 1994.03.01


In this paper, a change of fracture toughness and hardness in PZT-PYW ceramics system before and after poling treatment was measured to investigate the effect of composition on the mechanical properties in PZT-PYW ceramics. The hardness of the PZT-PYW ceramics increased with increasing mole fraction of PYW. The fracture toughness achieved maximum values for x=0.03. Both of the hardness and the fracture toughness also increased with poling treatment. The variation of both hardness and fracture toughness with increasing PYW mole fracture was explained by the change in microstructures such as grain size and second phase. The difference in hardness and fracture toughness in the electrically poled and unpoled specimens was also explained on the bases of internal stress.



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