The Relationship between Microstructure and Freezing Thawing Resistance of Polymer-Cement Mortars

폴리머-시멘트 모르타르의 미세구조 동결융합 저항성의 관계

  • 황의환 (국립천안공업전문대학 공업화학과) ;
  • 황택성 (국립천안공업전문대학 공업화학과) ;
  • Published : 1994.09.01


In order to investigate the relationship between pore size distribution and freezing-thawing resistance of mortars, polymer-cement mortars were prepared by using styrene-butadiene rubber latex, ethylene-vinyl acetate emulsion and polyacrylic ester emulsion with various polymer-cement ratios at constant flow. From the results of the test, polymer-cement mortars had a good pore size distribution for freezing-thawing resistance compared with unmodified mortars because of having a small pore volume in the pore radius range of 103~104 $\AA$ affecting on the frost damage. And the freezing-thawing resistance of polymer-cement mortars was improved with increasing polymer-cement ratio.



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