Infant Feeding Practices in Kwangju Area

광주지역 영유아의 영양실태

  • 노희경 (조선대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1994.02.01


The survey on feeding practice in 202 infants in Kwangju area was undertaken from April to May, 1993. The incidence of breast feeding was 35.6% of the interviewed mothers while 35.1% of infants were formula fed. Baby's sex, birth order, birth weight and mother's educational level did not affect the infant's feeding method of the respondents , but family's monthly income affect it significantly(p<0.05). Initiating time f weaning in infants was 4.83 month. Fruits and fruit juice, infant's most favorite food were the first food introduced to infants. Cereal's were offered frequently as infant foods while animal protein source and vegetables were lesser used 52.8% of mothers purchased commercially prepared infant food , while 33.2% of them did not use it at all. Depending on mother's educational level, mother got information on weaning with the aid of different education materials. The respondents were most interested in the way how to prepare weaning food. It might be suggested that development of effective nutrition education technique specific to the different groups of mothers should be focused.


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