Dietary Fiber Contents and Physical Properties of Wild Vegetables

산채류의 식이섬유 함량과 물리적 특성

  • 박종숙 (강릉대학교 식품과학과) ;
  • 이원종 (강릉대학교 식품과학과)
  • Published : 1994.02.01


Nine wind vegetables were analyzed for moisture, ash, crude protein, crude lipid and dietary fiber. Wild vegetables contained 33-53% of dietary fiber on a dry weight basis. Dalle (Allium monanthum) contained 49% total dietary fiber and 22% soluble dietary fiber and dodok(Codonopsis lanceolata) contained 55% total dietary fiber and 21% soluble dietary fiber. Wild 8% more dietary fiber than cultivated one. Water holding capacities of wild vegetables were higher than commercial wheat bran and soy fiber, but lower in oil absorption. When wild dodok and dalle were wet milled by blade grinding before sieving the dietary fiber content in dodok was increased from 55 to 83 % with increasing the dietary fiber content in dalle form 49% to 69%.


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