A Study on Pigments from Rhodopila globiformis by Acetone Extraction : Stability of Red Pigments

Rhodopila globiformis 로부터 Acetone 추출한 색소에 대한 연구 : 적색색소의 안정성

  • Published : 1994.02.01


The acetone extracted pigment from the cell mass of Rhodophila globiformis DSM 161 was generally red. In a pH 5-6 condition, the color of pigment was red, while in p/h 7-9 condition it was yellowish red. The pigment was stable at pH range between 6.0-11.0 and below 4$0^{\circ}C$. In the presence of light and oxygen , the pigment was rapidly degraded and became unstable in the presence of metal ions such as Fe3++(1.0$\times$ 10-2M, 1.0$\times$10-3 M), Al3+ (1.0$\times$10-2 M, 1.0$\times$10-3 M) and Zn2+(1.0$\times$10-2 M). But in the presence of Zn2+ (1.0$\times$10-2M). But in the presence of Zn2+ (1.0$\times$10-3 M) it was very stable. Through visible absorption scanning ,it showed five sharp absorption peaks at 358 , 385, 494, 680 ad 748 nm with three shoulder peaks at 410, 466 and 522nm. On the results of TLC analysis , it was shown to be composed of seven color fractions.


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