Effect of Edible and Medicinal Plants on the Activation of Immune Cells

생약제가 면역세포 활성화에 미치는 영향

  • 이인선 (계명대학교 식품가공학과) ;
  • 하영득 (계명대학교 식품가공학과)
  • Published : 1994.02.01


In order to evaluate the effect of the extracts of eidble and medicinalplant son the activation of immune cells, measurements were made by ELISA and radioimmunoassay on the degree of release for the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and neopterin by the edible and medicinal plants in peripheral blood cells. The results of measurements of TNF in the supernatant cultured liquid showed nothing in t도 control which does not have any edible and medicinal plants. However, measurements of TNF 9pg/ml) in the samples are given as follows : 716.7 in lipopolysaccharide (LPS 1 g/ml), 465.2 Rheum plamatum L.m302.7 Sanguisorba offciinalis L. 818.2 Rubus coreanus M, 328.3 Terminalia chebula R., 426.6 AReca catechu L. 227.0 Eugenia caryophiliata T., 272.9 Ephedra sinica S., 30.1 Caesalpinia sappan L., 474.0 Chaenomeles japonica L., 396.0 Cornus officinalis S.in edible and medicinalplants. ENopterin (n mole/L) value showed below the check point in the control group, however, the values are 11.0 in LPS, and edible and medicinal plants, 5.3 Rheum palmatum L., 11.6 Eugenia caryophiliata T., 5.5 Ephedra sinica S., 4.5 Caesalpinia sappan L., 4.3 Chaenomelees japonica L.3.7 Cornus officinalis S. In order to find m RNA levels of Cytokines increased by edible and medicinal plants, total RNA was separated from mononuclear cells treated 5 hrs with Rubus coreanus M. and then administrated for RT-PCR. The considerable increases of the m RNA of TNF, IL-1 $\alpha$ and IL-6 were observed.


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