The Role of Ingredients and Thermal Setting in High-Ratio Layer Cake Sytems

고당배합 케이크에서의 원료의 역할과 열에 의한 케이크 구조의 고정화

  • Published : 1994.06.01


High-ratio cakes made from the formulas with more sugar (140% based on flour weight) than flour have come to be preferred recently. To produced good light cake structure, cake batter must retain the many finely divided gas bubbles formed during mixing . Thermal setting of cake structure is mainly caused by starch gelatinization . The formula controls the temperature at which the cake batter changes from a fluid to a solid. Especially, the relatively large amount of sugar used in the formula delays gelatinization, so that air bubbles can be properly expanded by carbon dioxide gas and water vapor before the cake sets. To get a non collapsing high ratio cake structure after baking , the proper degree of gelatinization of the starch granule, the control of gelatinization temperature, and sufficient gel strength ar all important. The role of ingredients (flour , sugar, proteins, chemical leavening agents, water shortening , and emulsifiers) is reviewed with relation to the formation of satisfactory cake structure.


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