An Adaptive Lesson Plan Generator Based on Case-Based Planning

케이스기반플랜기법에 의한 적응력있는 레슨플렌생성기

  • 이재인 (아주대학교 컴퓨터공학과)
  • Published : 1994.06.01


One of the major research topics in the area of the development of intelligent tutoring system(ITS)is the control of instructional mechanism consisting of lesson plans,curriculum plans,and discourse plans.This paper describes a method of building the lesson plans among these three instructional plans based on the case-based planning.It is more efficient to retrieve the lesson plan from the plan memoru than to generate it whenever an instructional goal is selected.The retrieved lesson plan may be modified to build more adaptive plan for the current goal.We have developed a lesson plan generator that has such capabilities as a component of an ITS for teching indefinite intergration.We also have devised a description language to represeint the generalized form for the given arithmetic expression as an instructional goal and a curriculum tree to represent the lesson units required to master the subject matter.The result of this research could be used either by a developer of the lesson plan generator in the other area of ITS or by human teacher as a curriculum in the actual class.