Predictive Morphological Analysis of Korean with Dynamic Programming

동적 프로그래밍기법에 근거한 예측중심의 한국어 형태소 분석

  • Published : 1994.06.01


In this paper,we present an efficient morphological analysis model for Korean which produces from an input word all the feasible sequences of morphemes in the word.This model is deterministic in applying spelling rules,and has few redundant computations in processing complex and ambiguous words.This is the effect of three types of new techniques:first,a new method for interpreting speilling rules;second,predictive rule applications which restrict to the spelling rules suitable for the input word;third,the use of dynamic programming which enables the analyzer to avoid recomputing analyzed substring in case the input word is morphologically ambiguous.our model has been experimented with 413,975 word randomly selected from the corpus of Korean elementary textbooks.Experimental results show that our model guarantees fast and reliable processing.