Theoretical Studies on the Photochemical Reaction of Psoralens (Ⅱ) Structure-Activity Studies on the Psoralen Photoadducts

소랄렌의 광화학 반응에 대한 이론적 연구 (Ⅱ) 소랄렌 광생성물의 구조에 대하여

  • Published : 19940100


The structure-activity studies are described for the photoreaction of naturally occuring psoralen with thymine. Thymine <> psoralen <> thymine photodiadducts from DNA is studied as a model for the charge transfer interaction by the semiempirical methods (PM3-CI-UHF, etc.). The relative structural activities of psoralen, and photoadducts are analyzed in terms of their differing abilities of psoralen and photoadducts are investigated both with regard to their abilities to complex and to intercalate with thymine base. The photoadducts were inferred to be a trans-anti Psoralen(3,4) <> Thymine(5,6) and cis-anti Thymine(5,6) <> (4',5')Psoralen(3,4) <> Thymine.



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