Solvent Effects upon Nitrile Group Frequency Shifts of Raman Spectra: Acetonitrile and Benzonitrile

라만 스펙트라의 니트릴기 파수 이동에 관한 용매효과: 아세토니트릴과 벤조니트릴

  • 서성훈 (경북대학교 사범대학 화학과) ;
  • 정영미 (경북대학교 화학교육학과) ;
  • 이무상 (경북대학교 화학교육학과)
  • Published : 19940300


The Raman stretching frequency of nitrile group was affected by change of solvents and its in concentration in same solvent. In the case of acetonitrile, nitrile group stretching frequencies were observed in the region of 2247.3∼2254.9 cm-1 with various solvents. While in benzonitrile, they were found in the region of 2226.1∼2230.3$ cm^{-1}. With the addition of water in acetonitrile,νC≡N was shifted to high frequency from 2250.1 cm^{-1} in pure acetonitrile to 2257.7 cm^{-1} in 90% water forwhich had with higher volume % of water caused higher hydrogen-bonded equilibrium between methyl protons and water. The νC≡N frequency for nitrile group was shifted to high frequency by solvent inductive effect with the increasing mixed solvent (CHCl_3/CCl_4)$mole% ratio.



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