The Biosensor for L-Glutamine Using Tissue Slices of Wistar Rat

Wistar 쥐 조직을 이용한 L-Glutamine 바이오센서

  • 배진현 (영남대학교) ;
  • 최성문 (계명대학교 자연과학대학 화학과) ;
  • 임동준 (영남대학교 화학공학과 및 공업화학부) ;
  • 김위락 (계명대학교)
  • Published : 19940300


A biosensor for the measurement of L-glutamine has been constructed by immobilizing the slice of Wistar rat kidney and it's organelle on $NH_3$ gas-sensing electrode. The effects of pH, buffer solution, temperature and thickness of slice were investigated in order to optimize electrode response. The tissue sensor had the linearity in the range of L-glutamine concentration $8.0{\times}10^{-5}{\sim}1.0{\times}10^{-2} M$ with a slope of 53.8 mV/decade in 0.05 M phosphate buffer solution, pH 7.8 at $30^{\circ}C$, and optimum thickness of slice and response time were 30 ${\mu}m$ and 3∼5 min, respectively. The organelle sensor showed the linearity within L-glutamine concentration range of $1.2{\times}10^{-4}{\sim}5.0{\times}10^{-3} M$ with a slope of 54.0 mV/decade in 0.05 M phosphate buffer solution, pH 7.8 at $30^{\circ}C$, and response time was 6∼7 min, respectively. Thus, it is clear that the tissue and organelle sensor will be useful for L-glutamine measurements.



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