Simultaneous Analysis of Semi-Volatile Organic Base/Neutral Priority Pollutants in Soil

토양 중의 비휘발성 염기/중성 유기 Priority Pollutants 동시 분석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 19940600


This study was aimed at the detection of 40 semi-volatile organic base/neutral compounds from soil among 129 priority pollutants listed by EPA. Two extraction procedures, sonication extraction and Soxhlet extraction, were studied as a extraction and concentration method for priority pollutants in soil. Extracts were analyted by GC/MS-SIM(selected ion monitoring). The analytical methods were tested by standard compounds spiked into blank soil. Accuracy and precision of the methods were measured by calculation of mean recovery and mean relative standard deviation. And the method detection limits were estimated.



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