Effects of Temperature and n-Alcohols (Propanol, Butanol, Pentanol and Hexanol) on the Micellization of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide

Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide의 미셀화 현상에 미치는 온도 효과 및 n-알코올(프로판올, 부탄올, 펜탄올 및 헥산올) 효과

  • 이병환 (한국기술교육대학교 교양학과)
  • Published : 19940800


The critical micelle concentration(CMC) and the counterion binding $constant(\beta)$ at the CMC of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide(CTAB) in a series of aqueous solutions containing medium chain-length n-alcohols(Propanol, Butanol, Pentanol and Hexanol) have been determined from the concentration dependence of electrical conductance at serveral temperature from $17^{\circ}C\;to\;41^{\circ}C.$ Thermodynamic parameters $({\Delta}G^o_m,\;{\Delta}H^o_m,\;{\Delta}S^o_m,\;and\;{\Delta}C_p)$ associated with micelle formation of CTAB have been also estimated from the temperature dependence of CMC and $\beta$ values, and the significance of these parameters and their relation to the theory of micelle formation have been considered. The results show that an enthalpy-entropy compensation effect is usually observed for the micellization of CTAB. The effects of n-alcohols on the micellar properties (CMC and $\beta$) of CTAB solutions have been also investigated. The addition of n-alcohol to the CTAB solution in a small quantity decreases the CMC value and the counterion binding constant $(\beta)$ at the CMC, but the addition of n-alcohol in an excessive quantity increases the CMC values on the conterary. These results have been explained in terms of the effect of the micelle-solubilized alcohol on the micellar surface charge density.



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