Study on the Chemical Treatment of Silica for SBR Reinforcement

화학처리(化學處理) Silica의 SBR에 대한 보강효과(補强效果)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1994.03.31


The purpose of this study is to investigate reinforced effect between silica treated by coupling agents and rubber matrix under the configuration chemical bonds, and the effect of silica particles coated by organic polymers using aluminum chloride as the catalyst. In vulcanization characteristies were tested by Curastometer. The M-series vulcanizates were reached to the fastest optimum cure $time(t_{90})$ and R-series vulcanizates with the same formula had the shorted optimum cure times. Tensile characteristics measuring with a tensile tester revealed that the M-series vulcanizate was the best in the physical properties, such as tensile strength. In 100% modulus, however, the S-series vulcanizates appeared to be better than the other vulcanizates. Also, hardness showed the following order : S-series>R-series>M-series with the order of elongation R-series>M-series>S-series. In SEM test, shapes of chemical treated silicas were observed. The dispersion of filler in the SBR composite appeard uniformly. In RDS test for the dynamic characteristics, G' indicates that S-3 shows the highest value with the next order M-3>R-3, and the order of damping values are as followe: M-3>M-3>R-3.