The Study on the Manufacturing of CM-Magnetite Conducting Rubber

CM-Magnetite계(系) 도전성(導電性)고무의 제조연구(製造硏究)

  • Published : 1994.06.30


The vulcanization characteristics, physical and electrical properties have been measured for magnetite-loaded CM compounds containing various concentration of magnetite. Samples of the various concentration of magnetite are characterized by oscillating disk rheometer, mooney viscometer, tensometer and resistance meter. The morphology and dispersion of magnetite are analyzed by scanning electron microscope(SEM). The results obtained are as follows : 1. The CM compound without magnetite shows plain curve, while the CM compounds containing magnetite show short curves. 2. The maximum volume of magnetite is 600 phr in the CM compounds. The magnetite of 30 to 150 phr of magnetite act as reinforcement agents and the 50 phr magnetite shows maximum tensile strength. 3. The electric conductivity is mostly influenced by the conditions of temperature, compacting pressure, and magnetite orientation. Further efforts should be made to develop a new design in various electric conductivity fillers for the most efficient and applicable rubber products.