A New Approach for Forest Management Planning : Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Programming

삼림경영계획(森林經營計劃)을 위한 새로운 접근법(接近法) : 퍼지 다목표선형계획법(多目標線型計劃法)

  • Woo, Jong Choon (Department of Forest Management, College of Forestry, Kangweon National University)
  • 우종춘 (강원대학교 임과대학 삼림경영학과)
  • Received : 1994.01.19
  • Published : 1994.09.30


This paper descbibes a fuzzy multiobjective linear programming, which is a relatively new approach in forestry in solving forest management problems. At first, the fuzzy set theory is explained briefly and the fuzzy linear programming(FLP) and the fuzzy multiobjective linear programming(FMLP) are introduced conceptionally. With the information obtained from the study area in Thailand, a standard linear programming problem is formulated, and optimal solutions (present net worth) are calculated for four groups of timber price by this LP model, respectively. This LP model is reformulated to a fuzzy multiobjective linear programming model to accommodate uncertain timber values and with this FMLP model a compromise solution is attained. Optimal solutions of four objective functions for four timber price groups and the compromise solution are compared and discussed.