Analysis of amino acids in the liver of Hamster treated with Dimethylnitrosamine

Dimethylnitrosamine이 투여된 Hamster 간 속의 아미노산 분석

  • Kim, Soo Gyung (Samil Research Institute, Samil Pharm. Co. LTD.) ;
  • Jung, Ha Seung (Department of Clinical Pathology, DongNam Health Junior College) ;
  • Park, Taek Kyu (Department of Chemistry, KonKuk University)
  • 김수경 (삼일제약 중앙연구소) ;
  • 정하승 (동남보건전문대학 임상병리과) ;
  • 박택규 (건국대학교 화학과)
  • Received : 1994.03.14
  • Published : 1994.06.25


The effect of the chemical carcinogen dimetylnitrosamine(DMN) on the composition of amino acids of the liver in hamsters orally administered with DMN was studied by using the reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography technique. In the liver, the concentration of aspartic acid, glycine, glutamine, histidine, proline, tyrosine and leucine were increased ca. 2-fold of those observed in liver of control group, valine and tryptophan were increased ca. 3-fold, phenylalanine was markedly increased ca. 10-fold, whereas the concentration of threonine was decreased, serine, alanine, arginine, methionine, isoleucine and lysine were unchanged, respectively.


DMN;Amino acids;reversed phase HPLC