Adsorption Behavior of Metal ions by Na-Cellulose

Na-셀룰로스에 대한 금속이온들의 흡착성에 관한 연구

  • Received : 1994.06.23
  • Published : 1994.09.25


A Na-cellulose adsorbent was prepared by treating Sigma S-5504 cellulose with 2M NaOH and examined the adsorption behavior between metal ions and Na-cellulose in aqueous solution with batch method. Considering ion exchange capacity of Na-cellulose, the adsorption ratio of the Na-cellulose to metals charge equivalent indicated that the adsorption result from ion exchanging between metal ions and Na-cellulose. The enthalpy for the metal adsorption on the Na-cellulose was calculated to -18kcal/mol, which value was compared to those of carboxymethylcellulose(CMC) and Dowex 50W-X8, these result suggested that the adsorption on Na-cellulose resulted from ion exchange adsorption.