A Case of Paralytic Strabismus of Abducens Nerve by Acupuncture and Herbal Medicines

外旋神經痲痺 斜視患者의 韓方治驗 1例

  • 김중호 (慶熙大學校 韓醫科大學 外官科學敎室) ;
  • 김윤범 (慶熙大學校 韓醫科大學 外官科學敎室) ;
  • 채병윤 (慶熙大學校 韓醫科大學 外官科學敎室)
  • Published : 19941200


We report one case with paralysis of the sixth cranial nerve, which was diagnosed at Kyung Hee Unversity Hospital. The patient was happened with traffic accident. He showed disorder of both abduction eye movement, headache, double vision and dizziness. We have experienced good improvement to recover paralytic strabismus by the Oriental Medicine.


Paralysis of the sixth cranial nerve;Oriental Medicine.