The Bibliogrphical Study on the Allergic Rhinitis

알레르기性 鼻炎에 對한 文獻的 考察

  • 김현아 (東國大學校 韓醫科大學 外官科學敎室) ;
  • 정지천 (東國大學校 韓醫科大學 內科學敎室)
  • Published : 19941200


The study has been carried out to investigate of the Allergic Rhinitis by referring to 87 literatures. The results were as follows; 1. In oriental medical science, Allergic Rhinitis is belong to the category of the 'BiGu'(鼻구) 'GuChe'(구체). The 'Gu'(구) of the BiGu means watery rhinorrhea, the 'Che'(체) of the GuChe means sneezing. 2. The cause of a disease summarize the weak of Lung, Spleen and Kidney, and invasion into the nasal cavity of PoongHan etc a wrong air. Sometimes the pathologial change appear PoongHan changeHwa(風寒化火), HwaYeol is hidden in the inside(火熱內伏). The contributing factors are found a season(spring, winter), an abnormal weather(運氣 : 少陰 少陽 陽明 司天, 歲金不及), an emotional stress, an external wound of the harmful air, a food allergens and fatigue, a contact of substances, a sunlight etc. 3. Predominant symptoms are watery rhinorrhea, sneezing and nasal obstruction. Sometimes accompanic symptoms are nasal bleeding, mucopurulent rhinorrhea, olfactory disturbance, nasal polyp, rhinolalia clausa, respiratory disfunction etc. 4. The treatment-methodes is as follows, OnBoPaeJang GeoPoongSanHan(溫補肺臟 祛風散寒), GeonBilkGi(健脾益氣), BoSinNabGi (補腎納氣). The treatmentherbs is as follows, OnBoJiLuDan GaGam(溫補止流丹 加減), OkByeongPoongSan plus ChangIJaSan GaGam(玉屛風散合 蒼耳子散 加減), BoJungIkGiTang GaGam plus SoCheongLyongTang(補中益氣湯加減 配合 小靑龍湯), SinGiHwan GaGam(腎氣丸加減), GaeJiTang(桂枝湯) etc. 5. The external treatment is as follows, JeokBi(滴鼻), ChuiBi(吹鼻), SaekBi(塞鼻), stick and herbs-injection on the acupuncture-point, pressure ear acupuncture-point, herbs-pillow etc. 6. The acupuncture-moxa treatment is as follows, the methodes of cure apply TongJoGyeongGi(通調經氣), SanTongBiGui(宣通鼻竅) etc. Predominent acupuncture-points are YoungHyang(迎香), InDang(印堂), BiTong(鼻通), SangSeong(上星), HabGok(合谷) and so on. As mentioned above, from now on, it's need to the oriental medical scientific study of the Immunity and Allergy and to the external treatment's application for the ascent of the treatment-effect of the allergic disease.