Isolation and Purification of Chitin from Shrimp Shells by Protease Pretreatment

Protease의 전처리에 의한 새우껍질로부터 키틴의 분리와 정제

  • Published : 1995.02.01


Chitin was prepared from Solenocera prominentis by deproteinization pretreatment of Neutrase. The optimal enzyme concentration of neutrase, pH, and temperature on deproteinization were 3.0 mg/ml, pH 6.0 and $50^{\circ}C$ as indicated by the minimum protein remaining on the chitin. The residual protein, the degree of deacetylation, Ca and P content in chitin prepared from Solenocera prominentis were similar with commercial chitin. The molecular weight was $1.2{\times}10^{8}$ dalton and the yield of chitin was 25.8%.


chitin. Solenocera prominentis;protease treatment