The Changes in Organic Acids and Fatty Acids in Kochujang Prepared with Different Mashing Methods

담금방법을 달리한 고추장의 유기산 및 지방산의 변화

  • Published : 1995.02.01


Organic acids and fatty acids of four different Kochujang prepared with different mashing methods were determined by HPLC and GC. Citrate, malate, lactate, succinate, formate, oxalate and acetate were identified. Citrate was found as a major organic acid ($450{\sim}565$ mg%) followed in decreasing order by lactate and malate. Total organic acid content of Meju Kochujang was the highest at the initial fermentation time, while that of koji Kochujang was higher than any other one after 90 days of fermentation. There was a little change of total acid among the treatments. Oleic acid was a major fatty acid ($68.59{\sim}75.38%$) during the fermentation of Kochujang. There was no significant change of fatty acids during the fermentation and among the treatments.


Kochujang;organic acid;fatty acid;mashing method