Carbohydrates Analyses of Korean Yam(Dioscorea) Tubers

한국산 마의 당질 분석

  • Published : 1995.02.01


Yam(Dioscorea) tubers were used as one of the dietary starches in Korea, China and Japan because of its characteristic properties. Yam tubers were powdered after freeze drying the sliced tubers to investigate carbohydrates. Chemical properties such as proximate components and carbohydrates were studied using three varieties of Korean yams, namely. D. batatas, D. aimadoimo and D. japonica. The proximate components of yam tubers showed that the major components of Korean yam tubers were carbohydrates and moisture. The main components of free sugars in yams were identified as fructose, glucose, sucrose and maltose. In addition to these four sugars, there were two unidentifiable peaks whose areas are too big to ignore. These results were obviously different from other reported data of free sugars in yams. The main components of total sugars were mannose and glucose.


Korean yam tubers;free sugar;and yam carbohydrate