Proximate Composition and Microbial Content Change of Broiler Waste Silage by Mixing with Wheat Bran and Oven-drying

닭폐기 부산물 Silage와 소맥피 혼합 및 오븐건조에 따른 일반성분과 미생물 총균수 변화

  • Published : 1995.02.01


Broiler processing waste(offal) was homogenized and treated with the combination of acids. The offal was autolyzed(ensiled) at $25^{\circ}C$ for 72 hrs and analyzed for pH and fatty acid profile. The proximate composition and microbial content change of the autolyzed offal by mixing with wheat bran and ovendrying were evaluated. The initial pH value of the homogenized offal, 6.52 came down to 2.75 within 5 min after acidification and increased silightly to $3.06{\sim}2.92$ during autolysis. The proximate composition and fatty acid profile of the autolyzed offal were not substantially different from the unautoylzed offal. However, the log CFU(colony forming units)/g of total plate counts and fungal counts decreased from 7.45 and 7.11 to 3.39 and 2.03 after autolysis, respectively.


offal;acidified autolysis;pH;fatty acid profile;proximate composition;microbial content