Extraction Yields of Hizikia fusiforme and Aloe vera Linne by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Antimicrobial Activity of their Extracts

초임계이산화탄소에 의한 톳과 알로에 추출물의 수율 및 항균활성

  • Published : 1995.02.01


Extraction yields of Hizikia fusiforme and Aloe vera Linne by supercritical carbon dioxide($SC-CO_{2}$) with and without ethanol as a cosolvent, and antimicrobial activities of the extracts against Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Alternaria sp. were determined. Both yield and solubility of the extracts from Hizikia fusiforme and Aloe vera Linne by $SC-CO_{2}$ with ethanol were two times greater than those by only $SC-CO_{2}$. All of the extracts demonstrated antimicrobial activities in the decreasing order of bacteria, yeast and fungus. The extracts by $SC-CO_{2}$ with ethanol showed almost the same degree of microbial growth inhibition as those by only $SC-CO_{2}$. Based upon these data, it was speculated that the components soluble in nonpolar solvent might be more responsible for the antimicrobial activity.


Hizikia fusiforme;Aloe vera Linne;supercritical fluid extraction;antimicrobial activity