Inhibiory Effect of Novel Flavan-3-ol isolated Theobroma cacao L. Husk on Glucosyltransferase

Theobroma cacao L. 외피로부터 새로운 Flavan-3-ol 화합물의 Glucosyltransferase 저해효과

  • Published : 1995.02.01


In the course of our studies, novel flavan-3-ol structure isolated from Theobroma cacao L. husk was established by the thiolysis, desulfurization and spectroscopic method. The structure was identified for cinnamtannin A-2 containing the tetrameric epicatechin and molecular weight was [1153] by FAB-MS negative ion. The inhibitory effect on the glucosyltransferase activity was investigated. Cinnamtannin A-2 showed complete inhibition at 0.03 mM and inhibited on the glucosyltransferase noncompetitively. The hydroxyl group of flavan-3-ol was supposed to be the essential element for inhibition on the glucosyltransferase.


novel glucosyltransferase inhibitor