Studies on the Nutritional Components of Purple Sweet Potato(Ipomoea batatas)

자색(紫色) 고구마의 영양성분에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1995.10.31


Two sweet potato CV.(Ipomoea batatas) were examined, i.e. purple flesh sweet potato(PSP) and light yellow flesh sweet potato(LYSP) which varied in degree of sweetness. On a fresh weight basis, nitrogen free extract in cultivars ranged from $25.73{\sim}26.24%$ and PSP contained more crude fat than LYSP. Total amino acids of PSP and LYSP were 5676.57mg% and 4550.86mg%, respectively. Aspartic acid, serine, alanine and valine were the major components in sweet potatoes. Sulfur-containing amino acids are the first limiting amino acid in PSP. The major fatty acids in PSP and LYSP analyzed by GC were palmitic acid, linoleic acid. The content of the saturated fatty acid was less than that of the unsaturated fatty acid. Carbohydrate contents were $75.43{\sim}79.10%$ and neutral sugars contents were $67.22{\sim}64.85%$(dry wt). Two sweet potato CV. contained the most glucose of all neutral sugars. PSP contained 11.88% for uronic acid, 59.42% for starch. Free sugars of PSP(0.82%) was much less than that of LYSP(2.53%). The contents of thiamin, riboflavin and niacin were similar, and the ascorbic acid contents in PSP and LYSP were 63.4mg% and 48.7mg%(dry wt), respectively. Comparing the mineral content in PSP, K was the greatest element in concentration followed by mg, Ca, Na. The total dietary fiber(TDF) value was 13.43% in PSP, 9.79% in LYSP respectively. The ratio of soluble dietary fiber(SDF) content and insoluble dietary fiber(IDF) content to TDF content for PSP were 57.6%, 42.4%, respectively.


purple flesh sweet potato;light yellow flesh sweet potato