Elastic properties of ion-assisted Cr films measured by brillouin light scattering

브릴루앙 산란 실험을 이용한 이온빔 보조 증착법의 Cr 박막의 탄성특성

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  • John R. Dutcher (Department of Physics, University of Guelgh)
  • Published : 1995.03.01


We have performed Brillouin light scattering experiments to study the elastic properties of Cr films deposited on soda-lime glasses by using Ar-ion assisted deposition techniques. The elastic constants of the films increased as the ion-current density employed during the film deposition increases and they approached to the values of bulk Cr. The best fit values of the elastic constants of the films manufactured with ion current density of $400\muA/cm^{2}$are $c_{11}=296, c_{13}=83, c_{33}=289$, and $c_{55}=c_{44}=108(\times10^9/N/m^{2}}$ and these are 5% lower than those of bulk Cr in hexagonal symmetry. metry.



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