Body Impedance Measurements for edematous patients

부종환자에서 임피던스를 이용한 수분변화의 예측

  • Published : 1995.11.01


The assessment method of human body composion by bioelectrical impedance is very simple, safe, rapid and noninvasive. Based on prediction formulas for total body water from bioelectrical impedance, the observed weight loss should be associated with an increase in impedance. However in edematous patients for dialysis, the calculated total body water loss as calculated from impedance were overestimated and significantly higher than the weight loss after dialysis. So determination of impedance were made in 50 edematous patients before, during and after dialysis. Mean weight loss, which was assumed to be only loss of water was 1719$\pm$ 866 gr and mean impedance change was 71.0 $\pm$ 23.0 Ohm under 50kHz. Body weight loss was highly correlated [r>0.81 with the increase in body impedance under variable frequencies[1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 kHz . But there were no differences between frequences. In conclusion, clinical application of bioelectrical impedance method is useful for individual edematous patients with new correlation equation[Y=230+26.8X, X;Impedance change, Y;Calculated total body water loss .


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